Interested in going to Haïti as a group and/or solo traveler but have no idea where to begin. Can I visit Jacmel, Cap-Haïtien, and Île-à-Vache in 5-days? Which tour sites are located in certain cities or which would you recommend? What is the best hotel in the area? Is it possible to have private transportation? Is public transportation safe? A consultation with Belle Vue Tours will save you hours of research, reading website reviews, and leave you with the knowledge of planning your trip with fewer hassles.


For a small fee of $150 for the 1st hour and $50 for each additional hour, we review your itinerary. Help you create a framework around your schedule and the days you wish to visit. Share hotel and site logistics.


Contacts and connections for internal transport and tour companies.

We take into consideration special holidays, cultural events, and logistical challenges.

Emergency and insurance information.


Submit your request for a Travel Consultation appointment and we will contact you to start the process. First phone consultation to flush out the details is free.

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