Why We Exist?

Let us take you on a historical excursion like no other, and discover sides of Haïti, rarely explored or covered. Pull back the curtains, and view Haïti as never seen before.

Let us awaken your senses:

  • View centuries-old history like Palais Sans Souci, Citadelle, and Vertières. As we commute through history, take in the scenery: lush landscapes, steep mountains and bays, and coastal towns.

  • Feel the sand between your toes (at Labadie) and the waterfalls at your fingertips (at Bassin Bleu and Saut d’Eau).

  • Enjoy the sounds, and move your hips to the beat of Konpa and Rasin.

  • Taste fusion cuisine history, as we feast on native dishes like Soup Joumou, Griyo, Lanbi, and of course, Pikliz. And wash this all down with some Barbancourt, the national rum.

Belle Vue Tours is a Historical and Cultural Outbound Tour Company to Haiti that will take you on an excursion that is a feast for the eyes, music to the ears, aroma to the nose, refreshing to the touch, a delight to the tongue, and an education for the soul. To Haïti, the first Black Republic in the Americas to abolish slavery (1804), whose people’s fighting spirit permeates throughout history, art, music, dance, and cuisine.

This is Haïti!

Our tours throughout Haïti is not simply a historical and educational experience, but also a life experience. Let’s go beyond the boundaries of the hotel walls and pools, explore Haïti, and uncover its history, significance, and presence as never before.

Simply select a tour – South Exploratory Tour, Christophienne Tour, Haïti Uncovered Culinary Tour, or Customized Tour – and we will take care of the rest: hotel accommodations, transportation, and excursions. Our staff of tour guides and ground team are experienced professionals and are here to provide the ultimate customer experience. Let us be your personal tour guide, and Experience what you’ve seen from afar.

Are you ready?

Who We Are?

We are a team. Hogarth and Guerline, husband and wife, whose love of history, heritage, culture, and family runs deep. Originally from Haïti, but based in New York, our family vacation to Haïti always left us wanting more.

These mere chances to reconnect with our roots, opened our eyes as we saw Haïti in a different light. Viewing histories’ past, and how the past has shaped the present, our reintroduction to Haïti was a reeducation, to say the least. It led us on a path of discovery and awakening, which we have shared with our extended family, and now you. In July 2012, we began tour excursions to Haïti through Belle Vue Tours.

Guerline is the Business Development Manager of Belle Vue Tours and Hogarth is the Photographer responsible for the beautiful visuals shared over the years. As entrepreneurs, who amassed years of experience servicing customers and providing stellar customer service, and Belle Vue Tours is no exception.

Our Belle Vue Tours team – staff and tour guides – work diligently to ensure that all tours and accommodations are exceptional, educational and an experience of a lifetime.

Guerline & Hogarth

Guerline & Hogarth



It is difficult to grasp the unique history of Haïti: the only nation in history born from a successful slave revolt, and the first nation in the Americas to abolish slavery (1804). Yes, Haïti has had many firsts. Haïti’s revolution and independence from France inspired the anti-slavery movement, which swept the world thereafter.

Known as the first Black Republic, Haïti is a fusion of African, French, Spanish, English, and Taino (indigenous) descendants. This is evident throughout its timeless monuments, art, music, dance, cuisine, folklore, and even, gingerbread houses.

From slavery to independence, to the earthquake (2010), and beyond, Haïti has shown a resilient spirit, shaping a language, a people, a heritage, and a culture that permeates throughout the world.

Haïti is indeed one of kind and a jewel to the world. Whatever your reason for traveling to Haïti – history, adventure, culture, fun, or reconnecting with your roots – let Belle Vue Tours show you other sides to Haïti, previously unexplored.